Terms of Agreement

Terms and conditions


The goal of the association is teaching members more about wine and the viticulture, but also creating a social community for the members. The association does so by organizing tastings, trips and other events.


1. Every student in Leeuwarden doing a HBO study can become a member of this association.

2. It is not possible for students which are not connected to Stenden University to become a member of the board of Dionysus.

3. The application is final once the application form is signed.

4. The membership is personal and cannot be represented by anyone else.

5. The membership involves the possibility of consuming alcohol. The members are obliged to behave responsibly towards the association, because they represent the association in public areas.

6. The membership is indefinite until further notice.

7. A member must be 18 years or older.


1. A membership may start at any time and is valid for the membership year in which it is started. The membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

2.The membership is valid for the period from 1 September to 31 August each year and is automatically extended for one year.

3. Membership ends in the cases provided for in the Articles of Association , including termination by the member.

1. Termination of membership by the member must be done by written notice to the secretary which must be held by the secretarybefore August 1.

2. If the termination is not notified on time membership continues until the end of the next membership year, unless the board decides otherwise or the member cannot reasonably be required to continue the membership.

3. The remainder of the paid membership fee for the current membership year remains due and will not be refunded.

Membership fee

1. Members are required to pay a membership fee. The amount of the fee is determined by the Board, with the approval of the members at the General Assembly.

2. The general authorization gives the treasurer the right to automatically collect dues, including membership fees. This will usually be done at the beginning of the academic year on a date to be determined by the Board. In consultation with the treasurer, it is possible to pay in up to two terms.

3. In case of violation of this requirement the member cannot participate in any event or meeting of the association. In case of payment in terms, denial of participation will be effective only after non-payment of the 1st instalment.

4. The membership fee can only be paid by direct debit. Unless otherwise determined in consultation with the board of ‘Wijnvereniging Dionysus’.

5. In case the membership endsin accordance with the Articles of the Associationin the course of the membership year, regardless of the reason or cause, the member will nevertheless be required to pay the entire annual fee, unless the Board decides otherwise.


1. All members are entitled to participate in all activities and to make use of the facilities offered by the association.

2. Members are expected to behave appropriately when they go out in conjunction with or on behalf of the association. ( Stenden University , Spinoza , Shooters , Red like). In case of non-compliance, the Board can impose a specified penalty.


1. Each tasting needs to be registered for. This can be done solely via e- mail before a deadline specified by the board. Only in this way a member has the right to participate in a tasting. In case of more than one no-show, the board has the right to call the member to order.

2. When a member has registered for a tasting, the member must show up at the appointed time (this will be announced in due time via e-mail) to prevent exclusion from the activity. Sign-out should be done at least…before the tasting.


1. Members are allowed to take guests with them, but the members of the board must agree upon it.

2. Guests are subject to the same rules for registration as members. Registration should take place before the deadline set by the Board.

3. Guests attending a tasting are required to pay a fee of € 15,-.


1. The Association disclaims all liability associated with its activities. In particular, the association is not responsible for the consequences of alcohol use by its members.


1. By signing the application form I agree that my name and address are made available to the sponsors of ‘Wijnvereniging Dionysus’, unless I make a written objection. ‘Wijnvereniging Dionysus’
has a duty to ensure that there will be no abuse of the data.
2. Members of the association are entitled to 15 % discount when buying wines at WijnkoperijWielinga upon indication of membership.
3. Members of the association are entitled to 15 % discount on dinner at Sems upon indication of membership.